paint the vehicle

Guidance on how to repaint the car

Most of the people who are having the car on their own will have a wish to repaint the car with their favorite color or theme. If you want to paint over original car paint you need someone with sufficient knowledge before that you have to get expert advice on whether you can repaint over the existing paint of the car.

Having the car professionally repainted is very expensive and it needs some extra money for the maintenance of the car. Repainting the car it sounds like a daunting task but that is not that difficult in case you have the right one with you.

Steps involved in repainting of car

With the help of these steps, you can paint over existing auto paint.

repaint car

Car painting suppliers

Repainting the car is time-consuming, so make sure it might take a few days to complete the task. The work begins with the assembling of your suppliers.

Here you will need wet and dry sandpaper, powdered sander, masking tape and also making paper, spray gun, compressor, primer, paint thinners, an acrylic topcoat, and a buffer. Along with these things you also need safety glasses and face masks.

Determine the type of paint which you going to use to paint the car that is whether waterborne or solvent-borne. The solvent-borne is the most common one and it contains the solvent bases like lacquer, enamel or urethane. The automotive paints are specifically designed for vehicles any other type of paints should not be used.

Priming the vehicle

To prime your vehicle you have to mix the primer with the thinners according to the directions of the paint and the amount will be based on the type of the paint. It will take 2-3 coats over the entire surface of the vehicle and each coat will take 10 minutes to dry.

Paint the vehicle

Apply the topcoat of the car using the same techniques as with the primer and the painting time is similar to the primer, taking about 10-15 minutes to paint each panel and it takes 20 minutes or to an hour to cure. Allow the paint to get dry completely. Apply 3-4 coats of the paint and you have to ensure the proper coverage and even coat of the car.

The repainting a car is not a stressful job, simply ensure the quality products, make use of the right tools and have the dust-free workspace. Through this, you can increase the professional look of the car paint.