Safe-space rooms as the modern space communities.

Are you tired of listening politic topics and fighting regarding the same? Are you tired of listening to all marketing tricks and manipulating sentences? Then we have a right thing for you. No matter what country you are coming from you can be sure that nobody will point the finger at you in the place called safe-space. This is a policy that is against hate speech, and it has been applied to game rooms and events.

Why has game industry started to apply this policy?

p6aE-sport is something that is happening in only one place – the Internet. The problem is that the Internet gathers people from all over the world and the number of people is increasing constantly. Here there is no place for hate speech. Everything should be about the game. The main purpose of game events is to show your skills and to enjoy the game. If you want to be the best you need to choose the best team and sometimes your team will be multinational. You need to stay focused on the game and team work. Otherwise, you will lose.  Here everything is about strategy and play. Your nationality or religion is not going to affect your skills.

p6bSafe-space game rooms are places where you can rest your mind

These places are created to be your escape from everyday life. Here everything is virtual, even a war and there is not price to be paid. You can fall without feeling the pain of the consequences.

You can enjoy the company of the people who shared the same opinion and the same passion with you. You can also just play your favorite tune and turn off the chat, in case you just want to enjoy the game.

All it is important when it comes to games is fun

p6cThe main purpose of e-games is to have fun. Whether we are talking about GTA games or pure fight, everything is made for fun. The main purpose of e-games is to relax you to allow you to do whatever you are not able to do in real life. Maybe you like fighting games, and in real life, you wouldn’t kill a fly. That is the beauty of games you can be whatever you want whenever you want and bring back to real life anytime.