Why is PC equipment so important?

You need to know that it is not just enough to be good and play the game. If you want to become a real pro, you need to have professional equipment. Like in any other business equipment takes a very important role when it comes to being a real professional. You would be probably surprised if we told you that the equipment made 60{f1e30bc0a44f5aaef2f84b88b5f207bf41059b771c8a2819cb0052aeaf7ceae0} of your victory. Yes, you’ve heard it well. That is more half, and it seems you cannot do anything about that. Well, in theory, yes, but if you decide to invest in your equipment, you won’t have to worry anymore about who’s responsible for your victory or defeat.

What should you do before every game?

p4aPreparation is very important when it comes to competition. Like with car racing, when you are checking oils or your tires before start racing, that with e-sports you need to check your equipment before you start your play. You do not want to end up blaming everybody because your mouse made you lose a very important game. The sensitivity of your mouse is highly important, and this is not the part you should save money on. If you go for higher DPI, practically this means that your mouse is better translated to in-game actions.

Different game different equipment

p4bYou need to know that the type of your game will automatically affect your equipment purchase. We noticed that fans of Counterstrike prefer Alex”Lex” Daily of Winterfox. Here your mouse is a mark of your identity. It has to be reliable and to guarantee you it is not going to disconnect randomly. On the other side, there is no better feeling than having something that no one else has during the competition. It is like going to the battle with the most powerful weapon. Nothing can make someone more confident than a powerful weapon.

p4bEquipment shouldn’t be a distraction

When it comes to equipment, you need to know that be aware that it is still only a tool and it mustn’t you distract you from the game. You need to feel cozy and comfortable and use your mouse automatically without thinking about it at all. You need to be completely into the game and move the mouse and your equipment mechanically, and that is the only way and a good sign that you made a right choice. Some players like to use headphones to have a greater impression like they are really on the field. It is better to use headsets because it will help you to avoid any possible distraction from the real world. Others like to communicate with others players. This is especially important if you play like a team. The good way of thinking is to consider your equipment a member of your team because if this member fails, the whole team is going down. Treat it like a person, as a friend and check it before every single game.