How to be the best at e-sports competitions?

Being a professional game player is not easy these days. Everyone has a PC and can practice. Thousands of others people are playing all over the world your favorite game and are becoming better and better. E-sports are growing fast, and they are developing from minute to minute, literally speaking. Therefore, we are free to say that this is a type of sport. Although you do not need to use physical strength, you need to have your qualities team spirit, to know how to make strategic moves to be more than precise with your hands and have a very sharp mind.

How serious are games?

p2aFirst of all, games are everything but the game. This technical phenomenon is growing and developing so fast that the competition organized for this purpose, is a high level organization with a serious amount of money, as a prize. There are even world championships that are attracting gamers from all parts of our planet. As the consequences of the financial crisis e-sports have been developed in South Korea 1997. Most people were looking for things to do while they were out of works and they found their escape. More and more people have started to gather in so-called Internet café/LAN gaming centers to play games. In 2000 the government of South Korea had founded The Korean e-Sports Association to regulate this activity inside of their country.

p2bIs it OK to classify e-games as a sport?

Here you will find a lot of discuss and ambiguity. Some people thing it is not possible to consider them as a sport because it is certainly not healthy for physical condition. They claim that sitting so much in front of the PC can only harm your spine and cause a lot of deformations. On the other hand, there are people who thing that e-gamming is kind of sport. You can develop your mental strength. You can make your mind start functioning and thinking strategically. Furthermore, if we consider chess a sport than we have to consider e-games a sport.

Prize at e-sports competition

p2cThis competition varies when it comes to the prize. You can be rewarded with money or more often with the newest model of a game console, PC or cellphone. In most cases, a prize is a technical object, which does not stop gamers to enjoy their favorite competition. Furthermore, they play for the game and for the new way to improve the game. Money does not have the main part in this kind of competitions. Money here is the only purpose to up-grade your system and to improve your gaming. However, some competitions are offering enormous amounts of money that you cannot even imagine. In some cases they will offer you a “fake” that you can use later in the game to upgrade your bot or to upgrade your car, this is especially important in car games where your ride needs to be well equipped if you want to win.