How to become a professional gamer?

Being a gamer is not easy at all, especially if you want to become a pro. Once I read that becoming a professional in this world means 3{f1e30bc0a44f5aaef2f84b88b5f207bf41059b771c8a2819cb0052aeaf7ceae0} of talent and 97{f1e30bc0a44f5aaef2f84b88b5f207bf41059b771c8a2819cb0052aeaf7ceae0} of sitting in front of your PC. I can say that this is 97{f1e30bc0a44f5aaef2f84b88b5f207bf41059b771c8a2819cb0052aeaf7ceae0} true. Knowing your environment can help you a lot, knowing a lot of different keyboards or joysticks or touchscreens can help you a lot and prepare you for all kind of challenges. Take for example a typing test; if you test yourself on your keyboard, you will be faster than to use any other randomly. It is the same principle as driving a car. You are simply familiar with your environment if you want to be fast and efficient.

What qualities should every gamer have?

p3aUsually, everybody will tell you to need to practice every day and just to play. However, is it always like that, and is this enough? Of course not! If you want to play it for fun, yes, but if you want to become a pro, then you need to be aware that playing is not enough. You need to learn all the catches and to use all possible hints. You need to learn how to take shortcuts and still not to be lost after that. You need to watch tutorials and see how other people resolve this issue. You need to learn moves and tricks from others and sometimes to pay for them. Your mind map should be more strategic than you think. Creativity is a plus. Being resourceful is the first thing you need to be.

p3bWho are your opponents?

Unlikely to other sports, here you are fighting against the whole world, and you never know who you are going to encounter and when. Furthermore, you have two kinds of opponents. You are going to fight against the machines as well. Sometimes you will be surprised how machines are smarter than us. This means that you need to be very skilled and wise if you want to become a real pro. The second thing you need to pay attention and be careful is the fact that PC’s are available to all. You do not have to be rich to play a game. Therefore, the variations of your opponents are colorful, and a lot of different kinds of mind will play against you. Depending on how you flexible you are your game will develop.

What to do when you become one of the best?

p3cEven if you are the best never stop playing with the rest, the ones that are not so good. The main point of being good at gaming is familiar with a lot of different minds and machines. It means you are changing your strategies depending on your opponents mind. Knowing their weakness is half of your job and secure path to success. Never underestimate your opponent, if it is not well-known doesn’t mean it is bad and he cannot beat you.