The most famous equipment producers in 2014

When in comes to producers of the equipment for e-sports we can say that there are a lot of them. Producers realized that this kind of sport is going to grow and develop very fast and they decided to work on a way how to make it easier and improve it. Every producer is aware of the importance of the equipment. Having a precise mouse is being precise in Counter-Strike. On the other hand, the sensitivity of your keyboard will affect your speed during the game.

From 2000 thousands of manufacturers and producers have been developed and they keep growing. Everything has started in South Korea where this type of sport was created as a sports discipline. Nowaday we have about ten of them who’s remain one of the best since the beginning.

p5aTelltale Games

This company was one of the first that has started a long fight against episodic gaming. They were the first that cracked the code. In 2012, their five-episode The Walking Dead was sold 17 million copies. They are manged to bring a television production to the video game industry. Besides The Walking Deas, they also created The Wolf Among Us and Bill Willingham’s comic book series Fables.


p5bFirst association when somebody mentions the game is SONY. This company managed to create a game console that can be adjusted to all players. After its brilliant beginning, SONY has wasted about 15 years trying to monopolize media formats- UMD and MiniDisc. We can say that they recover their reputation with PlayStation 4. Believe it or not, this is the creation of a veteran Mark Cerny. This brought Netflix-style fame streaming of the living room, everything thanks to the PlayStation Now service. This is the real example of the all-in-one living room hub. The best thing is the fact it is very affordable.

p5cPlain Vanilla Games

A real innovation when it comes to building communities is Plain Vanilla Games. The most interesting is the fact that you can challenge your best friends on QuizUp. This quiz covers all kind of niche from ancient Greece to Traveling to the future subject. It can be varied addictive and can allow users to chat, and it has attracted 3 millions of users in the shortest possible time. We can say this is the fastest growing iPhone game ever and it raised $22 million just after the Christmas of 2014.

We can say that game producers are developing very fast. They always try to be up to date and to beat their competitors on the market. This is the main reason why they are developing so rapidly.  The gaming industry is on the top 5 list, believe it or not.