Can we classify e-sport at sport at all?

This is a subject that can always turn into an endless discussion. But the thing is that both sides are right in this case. We can find so many proofs that support both theories. It depends on your perspective. It depends on what features of sport you thing are important. There are a lot of discussions on the Internet regarding this subject, a lot of debates on YouTube and there are no the right answers. They are right, all of them. No matter what argument we have and no matter how reasonable it is, the opposite side opinion is also true. To better understand what we are talking about here are some real facts you should consider.


p1aLet’s cut the chase and start from one ancient sport that is classified at this section, and you do not have to be in perfect physical condition to be the best. Yes, you are completely right, we are talking about chess. This ancient game is a classified at sport even if you can sit during the entire play. It’s scientifically proved that during one play competitors can lose about 3 pounds, which tells us that mental challenge is equally hard as physical one. On the other hand, chess is something that requires to have a strategic mind and to know how to predict the opponent’s steps. Every sport develops this type of thinking. Gaming is also a team type of entertainment, like in any other sport here gamers need to feel they are a part of a team to accomplish their mutual mission.


However, others are completely against this theory only due to one reason. Playing games requires sitting in most cases, and sitting is the worst think you can do to your body. Pay attention to IT employees and work conditions. You can demand to get a table that you will be able to adjust to working while you are standing. More and more people avoid 8 hour-sitting. Those who are against classifying gaming at sport, claims that sitting can damage our posture and affect our spine and cause us a lot of back pain in the future. Even if you use ergonomic chairs, you will suffer from trauma or some repetitive kind of injuries.

p1cTo avoid this person more and more start to create games that you can play while you are standing. They are developing games where you need to use your body and simulate reality. In the future, they intend to apply implementation of holograms that will imitate your opponents. Modern technology intends to make closer reality and the virtual world. Every game is made to respect ISO standards and to prevent any possible injury. One thing that is practically impossible to be prevented is the protection of your eyesight. No matter what kind of glass we are using if we are watching into our PC constantly we will have problems in the future.